Meeting for July 19, 2019, 12:30-3:30 PM

Caltrans HQ, 1120 N Street, Room 2116, Sacramento
Call in number: 1-877-411-9748, Call in Code: 5283660
Agenda items may be taken out of order to accommodate discussion.

Revision removes Agenda Item M - see note below

Agenda items may be taken out of order to accommodate discussion


Allotted Time

A.    Introductions All 5

B.    Approve Minutes of May 10, 2019 Woody Deloria 5
Attachment: Minutes

C.    Information Sharing/Topics of Significance All 5

D.    Caltrans Planning Update Coco Briseno 15

E.    Rural Performance Measure Framework Paul Hieling, AMBAG 15

F.    State Budget Update Garrett Franklin 10

G.    CTC Update CTC Staff 15

H.    ATP Interim Count Protocol Gary Gutierrez 15

I. Critical Rural Freight Corridor Strategy and
California Freight Mobility Plan
Jeffrey Morneau 15

J.     Interregional Transportation Strategic Plan Scott Sauer 15

K.    California Transportation Plan Update Frances Dea-Sanchez 10

L.    Legislative Update Melissa White 15

M.   California Freight Mobility Plan (this topic will be discussed under Agenda Item I.)
Erin Thompson 15

N.    Local Assistance Update Winton Emmett 10

O.    Mass Transit Update Mass Transit 10

P.    Miscellaneous All

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