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Statewide Rural Executive Summary:
Coordinated Public Transit – Human
Services Transportation Plans
Caltrans Coordinated Plan Update as presented
July 18, 2014 at the RCTF meeting
ATP-RCTF Presentation September 2014 July 22, 2013, Letter to Mitch Weiss, CTC
re 2014 STIP Guidelines
ATP Distribution Spreadsheet Cycle 1 California Infrastructure Crisis
A PowerPoint presented at the RCTF May 17, 2013 meeting
Systemic HSIP Program Definition of the National Highway System
Map - California South
Map - California North
Average Collision Cost RPA Signed Reallocation letter
CTIP Pricing Draft Whitepaper RPA Allocation - FY 2014/15
CTIP RUC Draft Whitepaper 2010 ARRA Recap
CTIP STIP Draft Whitepaper Survey of Board Composition-2009


Map of Roadway Per Person
  Median Household Income by County 2010 Census